July 23, 2017
AsianDate’s HD CamShare proves to be a game-changer for online dating enthusiasts.

AsianDate, the famous online dating service that’s most trusted by single males looking for beautiful Asian ladies online, has been making life easy for their members by offering innovative services. One service that’s in great demand and has completely changed the online dating scene is HD CamShare. It is a breakthrough video dating service that can bring couples from various geographical locations together on a single platform.

“We have been experimenting with various advanced technologies that could make online dating easy for our members,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for AsianDate. “CamShare is definitely a big feather in our cap as the HD video service can bring couples from various locations on a single, high-tech dating platform. The feature has indeed changed the way online dating is done.”

AsianDate’s state-of-the-art video chat technology allows registered members to meet and communicate with each other using live video chat through the secure website of the portal. The raging popularity of theCamShare service can be gauged by the number of hits the YouTube videos about this service are receiving on a regular basis from visitors.

CamShare is unique as it is offers a live medium for single men and ladies to see their potential partners. The feature, unlike a mere photograph, allows users to interact with each other in a premium, high-definition video environment and in real-time.

There is a completely different application of this feature. CamShare takes the process of identity verification to an entirely different level. It is common knowledge that online dating frauds are proliferating in different forms and affecting the very reputation of the dating industry. In such situations, CamShare can play a significant role in establishing the authenticity of the members. It can also come handy in verifying the legitimacy of the appearance and profiles of ladies.

It is evident from the response to the CamShare service from members that it has proved to be a game-changer for the online dating industry. AsianDate and its associated services have played a huge role in making this happen through their relentless pursuit of groundbreaking technologies that are aimed at improving the experience of those who prefer and love to date online.

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June 04, 2017

AsianDate is attracting a growing number of singles looking to find a dating service that brings them happiness. The international dating service aims to provide singles worldwide with a smooth and enjoyable online dating experience. AsianDate helps singles find their ideal matches by offering them access to some of the most powerful and effective dating tools and features. These tools can be used by members to discover each other and come closer faster.

When singles find their ideal matches on AsianDate, they can connect quickly and get to know each other better through the dating tools. They can also share their favorite personal photos with their matches to create an instant impression and reveal what goes on in their world.

Viewing photos sent by a match is a great way to make online dating even more rewarding and effective. This can be done easily using the photo swapping tool, available to all members of AsianDate through Live Chat. The Photo Exchange feature has become very popular among singles wanting to find out more about their match. Members can access this handy tool directly from the Live Chat feature. AsianDate offers couples a great way to connect across the miles using the advanced and user-friendly Live Chat.

Members can also use yet another interesting and innovative dating tool offered by AsianDate to connect with and converse with their match in real time. CamShare is an extremely popular AsianDate webcam dating feature that brings couples together using advanced technology.

CamShare helps to melt away the distances of hundreds of kilometers with a single click. Couples can converse with each other in real time and also see each other to enjoy an enhanced online dating experience.

For more information, visit AsianDate.   

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February 16, 2016

AsianDate, the trusted online dating service with the largest database of Asian women, has revealed how their highly efficient translation service is helping couples melt language barriers in online dating. Language barriers are common in online dating due to the international nature of the user database. AsianDate makes it easy for their members to overcome this problem by offering translation services that involve highly qualified language experts.

AsianDate.com“It is abundantly clear that one of the biggest challenges of international dating involves overcoming the language barriers when single men and women from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds strike an emotional connect,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for AsianDate. “We strive to ensure that language does not become a stumbling block for online couples looking to take their relationship to the next level. All Asian countries have different languages and that’s why dating an Asian woman can be more challenging because of the language barrier.”

AsianDate is the preferred online dating service of single men looking to find love online among beautiful and charming Asian women. The popular online dating service not only offers advanced online dating tools and features but also provide the services of professional translators to ensure seamless and smooth communication.

The Call Me Service from AsianDate provides men the opportunity to communicate with their preferred ladies on the portal, live. The service is available for registered members only. Those intending to use the service have to reserve the call 24 hours prior to the chosen time. This ensures that the chosen lady is available at the reserved time for live chat.

AsianDate will provide an interpreter for high quality translation so that the message the member intends to convey to the lady is put across accurately. Instant Calls facility is also available with the Call Me feature. In these cases the operator can make instant contact with the chosen lady.

Starting an online relationship with an Asian lady with a language barrier may seem challenging but AsianDate has proven many times over that with their innovative dating tools and superior translation services, it is possible for men to melt language barriers and establish long term relationships with beautiful Asian ladies.

For more information, visit www.asiandate.com   

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